Hot Melt Adhesive Industry Profile And Supply Chain Building With Sourcing Captain

POSTED ON 2nd August, 2019

Hot melt adhesive would mainly be a type of plastic adhesiveness. When there is a change in temperature, the physical state tends to change but the chemical state will stay stable. The new adhesives which are designed to be environmentally friendly are non-toxic and odorless. Currently, all hot adhesives which are stable and environment-friendly are seeing a boom in the global market.

The industry, therefore, is in a stable economic station and the industrial chain is slowly developing. In the coming times, the market is likely to get stable and the benefits of the product will also see an increase. Therefore, the annual rate will increase as well because the domestic and foreign investment rates will shoot high too.

Hot Melt Adhesive Manufacturer:

It is an industry which comes with some really good future prospects, low negative profit, and a stable market as well. Currently, the largest market is in Asia and South America. Owing to the development of non woven industries and even packaging, the hot melt industry is still going to see some massive potential.

In these two markets, it is the constriction and manufacturing industries which seem to have a high level of investment and they have national support too. This has led to the growth of hot melt industry.

The market value of hot melt in the United States alone has reached the $6 billion mark. The researchers are expecting that this figure is likely to reach the $9.4 billion mark in the coming five to six years. When it comes to Europe and neighboring regions, the paper and packaging industry will account for almost 30% of the adhesive market. Also, health care and transportation makes for the second-largest share of this massive market. As per the forecast, in the next few years, the hot melt adhesive industry will become the fastest growing industry and it will offer the best and fast returns on profits.

Hot Melt Sticks:

Currently, the hot melt adhesives sector would include hot melt sticks, hot melt particles, and hot melt adhesives and so on. The hot melt adhesive is mainly used for the sake of compounding the recycled PE materials and several thin materials too. Hot melt adhesives would have six main applications. Let us examine what they are.

  • The automobile industry is one of the prime areas and it is fast growing. Hot melt is a lucrative option in automobiles and trucks mainly because of the resistance offered to weather and chemicals.  It is used for seat decoration, door sealants, external decoration bonding and so on.
  • The packaging industry is the second segment. As the logistics continue to grow, hot melt adhesives too will expand and grow with packers. The demand is likely to progress with a steadfast pace.
  • The construction industry will come in third. They have been falling back on solvents so that they can meet the demand and need for adhesives.  In current times, it is hot melt which has started to replace the solvent-based products. The construction industry is one of the top areas which are likely to grow and evolve in the future. The use will grow massively and it might even exceed the rates of other industries too.
  • The fourth in line would be the pressure-sensitive adhesive industry. The diaper sealing tape is one of the core and main part of pressure-sensitive adhesive and thereby the hot melt adhesive market can stand strong. The pressure-sensitive adhesive is also going to be used inside the aircraft as well. These tend to eliminate several problems for manufacturers.

Hot Melt Adhesive Chips:

  • The printing industry chips in at the fifth position. As people become more environmentally conscious, there is a need for detailed information on labels.  Hence, there is an increased demand for printed labels which make use of hot melt adhesives.  The pamphlet labels would mean that you will have to strip off the surface panels so that you can display the content of the product. When using hot melt adhesives, you can meet these needs and not harm the environment either.
  • The biotechnology industry would be in the sixth position. Some companies have been emphasizing on the bio-based hot melt adhesives.  The bio-based production market is likely to boost the hot melt market considerably.

Hot Melt Adhesive

Hot Melt Adhesive Film:

Also, our products tend to offer the best characteristics which include bonding destructiveness, wide climatic applicability, little odor, good fluidity, and so on. Here are the details of the quality index of hot met adhesive.

  • Appearance: yellow, lump.
  • Softening point (globe method): 70 (+2), viscosity; 3000 (+300 [email protected] C), chroma (Gardner color): 2-3, toxicity: non-toxic,
  • Using temperature: 150-160 C,
  • Packaging: 20KG/box, carton packaging.
  • Storage: Store in a ventilated, cool and dry place.
  • Shelf life: 18 months.

When hot melt adhesive is used, here are some points which you need to note.

1.    Make sure to wear work clothes and protective glasses when you are working close to the glue machine.

2.    When working for more than a couple of hours, adjust the melt temperature to have it lower than 120 C or make it a point to turn off the heating equipment

3.    Always clean the heating equipment at regular integrals to ensure the temperature controller offers an accurate reading

Make sure to test the product selectivity before using as the above details are for reference purpose only.

The company isn’t the first to engage in hot melt adhesive foreign trade. The last time they did an export, it was with Brazil. Brazil is way more developed than China as we tend to be more traditional and restrained. This is why our advertisement was done in a way that it was more factual than promotional. The product managers who came from Brazil weren’t expecting much from our products given the modest advertisement.

Hot Melt Adhesive Products:

However, when they saw the products, they were in a state of complete shock. This was because of the high-quality international level of our products stumped them. He apologized for thinking that we were doubtful of our products. Once the contract was signed, the company was very upbeat about the cooperation. This also pushed the enthusiasm level of our employees too. Now, the company makes it a point to use their strength for helping the customers carry out thorough market analysis and make sure to follow up with the after-sales activity too.

The customers had later emailed to appreciate us on the enthusiastic level of services which we had to offer. This further boosted the morale of our company as it inspired us to continue forward with the amazing work which we had been doing.

Sourcing Captain has continued to grow as a strong middleman and we have a great supply chain system in place. We are also thoroughly familiar with the overseas certification system and we have managed to enter the European and American markets as well. Not only this, but we have also entered developing nations like Asia, Africa, Latin America, and other nations too. The company also offers a large scale and stable capital.

The sales volume along with the registered capital of the company too seems to be very high as compared to other companies. We are as confident in the kind of financial strength which we have. The company also makes it a point to ensure that we treat people with sincerity and offer the best of products which adhere to the finest standards.

Hot Melt Adhesive Standards:

We also have a complete industrial chain as well. Sometimes, when we are serving customers, we make sure to follow the three standards which are as follows.

  1. When we are selecting the products, we make it a point to choose the best and the ones which are cost-effective as well. When promoting these products, we make sure that we are honest and do not over-promote or exaggerate. We make sure that our products are always better than what we have advertised to ensure that customers aren’t cheated.
  2. Secondly, we make sure that the logistics are top-notch. We make it a point to try our best to maximize the speed of logistics to ensure that the products are delivered in the shortest possible time. Also, we make sure that every part does the work timely as it is an interwoven process.
  3. Thirdly, we always aspire to offer the best of after-sales service. We make it a point to send the best of specialists that follow up with the progress of the product and if any problems arise, and make sure to deal with them so that the customers do not end up suffering losses.

Hot Melt Adhesive Protection and Care:

We make sure to think of the needs of our customers and even after the sale is made, the business is not completed at our end. And we want to offer all-round services to our customers. This is why our company has managed to get import and export rights of several countries and we also participate in custom clearance. Further, we also have strong capital operation ability and also several assets. This means that we have the best relationships with both buyers and sellers. As we have a really good reputation in the industry, we are ready to tackle the risks and problems which can sometimes arise. We make it a point to protect the rights and interest on both sides.

Not only this, even when it comes to payment choices, we accept most of the common international payment methods. This helps us in eliminating the troubles of the customers and thereby helps us win the trust and confidence elf the customers as well.

We hope to continue to make inroads and progress in our industrial chain and thereby serve more and more customers.


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