How a PMP Certified Project Manager can be a boon for your Business?

POSTED ON September 21, 2021

A lot of people think that anyone can manage a project, then why is there so much fuss about PMP certification. So, in this post, we will try to answer this question. If we have to answer the question in one sentence we would say- PMP certified professionals have greater chances of making projects successful. This can be attributed to their training, systematic approach to project management, knowledge of project management process and access to the right tools.

The knowledge gained by PMP certified professionals allows them to manage projects in a more systematic, robust and efficient manner compared to those who are not PMP certified. It has been seen that the success rate of projects run by PMP certified professionals is much higher and through efficient project management, they can save time and money.

A 2015 study conducted by the Pulse of the Profession has shown that when more than a third of the project managers are PMP certified, organizations are able to complete more of the projects on time and budget, and at the same time meeting their original goals. Another study conducted by the same organization in 2017 has shown that the top reason for project failures was poor project management practices including change in organization’s priorities, inaccurate requirements gathering, changing project objectives, inadequate vision, poor communication, inaccurate cost and time estimates, improper resource forecasting and more. As we can see, most of these problems can be resolved through better project management practices. The easiest way to ensure adherence to best project management practices is by utilizing services of a PMP certified professional.

PAM has earned great reputation among business owners and employers as every organization wants to maximize the output and minimize the costs of their projects. A PMP certified professional plays a significant role achieving these objectives, so the demand and value of PMP certified project managers is increasing by the day. Here is a roundup of the key reasons why a PMP certified project manager could be a boon for your business.

Business owners/ prefer PMP Certified Managers

Any business owner that does not want their project to fail over schedule or budget would prefer a MPM certified professional managing their project. Today, every employer/business owner is aware that a PMP certified professional can manage their projects better than a non-certified professional. Anyone who is sourcing multiple products from China or is dealing with multiple suppliers, would want a PMP certified project manager to handle their projects. 

Standardizes Project Management Practices

In many organizations, there are no standard or streamlined project management practices and procedures in an organization. Each project is managed in a random manner where things are handled as they come. A PMP certified professional would streamline the project management practices and bring in better collaboration so that there is little scope for miscommunication and delays.

It has been shown that organizations that invest in proven project management practices waste around 28 times less money because they are able to complete more of their strategic initiatives successfully.

PMP certification means that you are not only qualified, but also serious about the profession.

Getting a PMP certification is tougher than many people would believe. It takes a lot of investment in terms of effort, time and money. Also, the professional has to continually upgrade themselves to retain their certification. So, only someone who is serious about their project manager career would spend invest in it. When a professional comes and tells you that they can manage your project well and that they have a PMP certification, you can be sure that they have a pretty good understanding of the profession. Moreover, when the person is PMP certified and has good experience in the relevant industry, they are certainly a good choice.

PMP certification is beneficial both for the individual as well as the organisation they work for. For a professional, it means better career prospects and better knowledge of the subject, and for organisations it means a better success rate. It helps organisations in completing the projects in time and within budget. The standard project management methodologies ensure better productivity and promote the growth of the organization.

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