Sourcing Captain: Beyond Frontiers

POSTED ON 16th February, 2019

As a sourcing company in China with solid connections in the United States, we want to be a bridge between markets, cultures, and values. We have successfully gone beyond frontiers and became an international company. Our clients put part of their businesses destinies on our hands when they decide to trust us and work with us. In return, besides continuing to give them the best services they deserve and we can provide them with, we want to share with them, and with every person interested in SOURCING CAPTAIN, the heart of our company. We own our clients a part of our identity, and that’s why we want to share with them the story of our brand.

Brand Story

When I started this sourcing company, I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do: I wanted to be a sourcing agent who would not only offer sourcing services but who would offer guidance to companies that wanted to make deals with Chinese businesses. At the same time, I wanted to be able to connect my fellow countrymen with companies outside of China. To be a guide, you have to be able to take command and make decisions, give orders, take responsibility for the people who trust you and make fast but well-thought decisions. That’s how the brand, SOURCING CAPTAIN, came to live. And that’s how instead of talking about “me”, I started talking about “us”.

The word “SOURCING” makes reference to our core business. We help companies outside of our country to find other companies inside our territory. China is one of the biggest economies in the world and moves hundreds of thousands of dollars daily. If you want to enter the Chinese market and establish commercial relationships with fabrics here, we can and we will help you do so with efficacy, efficiency, and security.

The word “CAPTAIN” refers to the role our business perform during negotiations. We have often heard about important historical figures around the world who were captains and commanded, heroically, their armies in the chase of the victory or a noble cause. We took this title because we identify with all the positive and high praised concepts that the word “CAPTAIN” englobes and we have the moral strength, the values and the will to live up to the name.

supply chain

The isotype of our brand is composed of seven stars. This is very meaningful to us because it seals the entire concept of our brand name. In ancient Chinese culture, because there was no compass at that time, they used the tools that nature gave them to guide themselves. If they were marching at night, ancient Chinese people would use the Big Dipper in the sky to distinguish what direction to take. Their paths were led by the Big Dipper, also known as Beidou. In modern days, we still cannot live without navigation systems. We use more sophisticated tools nowadays. We don’t even need to search for clear directions ourselves anymore, but we can have someone telling us exactly where to go and giving us clear instructions to reach our destinations. Nowadays, the three major navigation systems in the world are the GPS, in the United States, the Galileo navigation system, in Europe, and the Beidou, in China. The name of the Chinese navigation system is the Big Dipper.


Sourcing Captain is a perfect industrial chain of Chinese manufacturing factories. We connect Chinese factories, like if we were connecting dots in a blank space, and put them all in a place where they can be easily found by other foreign companies. Then, we receive instructions and, as a leader, we search for the factories that match the expectations, demands, and requirements of our clients to, finally, display the most suitable factories to them. We connect Chinese factories that are prepared to enter the western market, which demand is represented by the United States.

The seven stars in our isotype also connect and form the abbreviation of our name: SC. These seven stars are also meaningful because they make a reference to the seven main steps in our sourcing service process. The procurement work we develop follows several steps, being seven the most important ones: we do a product search, factory search, negotiations, sample request, order request, inspection, and delivery. An eight-step, that is included in our sourcing process but it’s often not used by our clients due to our efficiency and efficacy, is an after-sales guarantee.

To obtain the perfect sourcing process, we need to link each of these steps together. But, if any of the links have a setback or a major problem, the whole sourcing process will present mistakes and will not be satisfactory. Just like a captain, we will take our clients to their destinations executing the instructions we collect from the Big Dipper. We will navigate through the thousands of Chinese factories guided by the Big Dipper and locate the optimal supply chain channel. Under our command, none of the links will have problems. SOURCING CAPTAIN is ready to take you and your company where you want to be.


Sourcing Process Explained.

Our sourcing strategy has seven major steps. We have an eight one that is, of course, included in our services but required by our clients very few times due to our exceptional service.

  1. Project evaluation

Every company has their own special needs. To give your company a tailored solution. SOURCING CAPTAIN division of experts will analyze your requirement and evaluate, to detail. What are your needs based on relevant criteria for your business. Only then, with a solid base, we will move forward to the next step.

  1. Product search

Once our evaluation is completed, we will start searching for the specific products you are interested in. We will let you know the details about the product origin. The manufacturing process and how many of these products are available in China.

  1. Factory search

With the second step successfully completed. We will start establishing contact with the factories that are up to your project expectations and needs. We will inform them about the general aspects of the order.

  1. Negotiations

When we get in touch with the factories, we will start negotiations. We will communicate with them about the specific requirements of the order (like quantity, color, size, and other important specifications). Then wait for their responses about their availability to supply you with the desired amount of products. Also, evaluate how competitive their prices are.

  1. Sample request

Once the factories that fully meet your high standards have been selected. The negotiations are successfully settled, we will make a sample request. Placing a test order will allow you to check the quality of the products you will receive.

  1. Order request

This is the key part of every sourcing process. As a sourcing agent in China, we will make sure that your order place without mistakes. We will double check the request you made and the proposals we got from the selected factories. We will check again that only the ones that fully adjusted to your needs choose. Although, We will research the manufacturer information one more time. After we confirm that all the filters has done correctly, with advanced payment, we will place your order.

  1. Inspection and delivery

Even though we inspect the products when they are being manufactured to ensure no step in the production process has setback. We will do a 100% inspection of the order before delivering it to you. This final assessment will guarantee you receive an order you will satisfied with.

  1. After-sales guarantee

The possibility to need to use the after-sales guarantee is very low. We make sure every link in our seven steps process flawlessly done. In case you are not happy with the result of your order. We commit to handle your case and deal with the factory ourselves.


SOURCING CAPTAIN will bridge the gap between your needs and the Chinese market. It will also get your Chinese business access to the United States market demand. Our seven steps are well planned and thoroughly carried on to assure you the best sourcing service and the best customer experience.


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