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POSTED ON 30th July, 2019

The Development History Of China Handbag

The luggage industry in China accounts for nearly 70% of the global share. This industry has managed to achieve one of the top positions in the world as it has penetrated the largest consumer market in the world as well.

The total sales of the luggage products in China alone have crossed the 500 billion Yuan mark. There is no doubt about the fact that the luggage industry seems to be facing some massive challenges. Some of the common bottlenecks are the issue of shortage of labor, the increasing prices of the raw materials, the accelerated speed of industrial transfer, appreciation of RMB, and so on. Owing to the confluence of these many factors, both the survival and the progress of the luggage exhibition industry have fallen into trouble, and this infers that the luggage exhibition industry in China will soon shuffle its brand.

As the standard of living sees a change, and so does the levels of competition and consumption, different kinds of bags have come into being, and they are all being used profusely. Luggage products do not just need to be strengthened for the sake of practical use, but they are also being seen for their aesthetic value as well. As per the statistics, the global luggage industry is mainly driven by market demand, and therefore, the scale has gradually grown too.


Handbags have emerged as a new offshoot of this luggage industry. As the economy of China is developing and the living standard to has seen an improvement, the consumption concept and the level has improved as well. This ensured that the handbag supply industry too witnessed massive development.

In 2018, the handbag supply industry reached a size of a whopping 388 billion Yuan. The next year, the market size increased to 500 billion Yuan, which means a net increase of 31%. The market is still going strong, and it is likely to grow at a similar pace.

The main types of handbags

If we categorize the bags, these are the main sub-heads.

  • Leather bags
  • PU bags
  • PVC bags
  • Fabric bags

When it comes to luggage products, it is fabrics which are the primary material. Not only does it directly impact the appearance of the products, but it is also a direct measure of the marketing price of the product too. One has to make sure that the design, selection should be paid minute attention to. The top three elements of the model include style, material, and color. Both the tone and content of the luggage are dependent on the type of fabric used. Further, the form and shape will also be determined by the straightness, thickness, softness, and even the weight of the materials used. This is why the conceptual design and the performance are two vital factors which need to be emphasized upon.

There are different types of materials which are used for luggage products. Based on the material type, the bags can be categorized under the following heads.

  • Leather bags
  • Plastic boxes
  • Cloth handbags
  • Imitation bags
  • Plush bags

The natural leather bags make use of the best quality of natural leather raw material. It can be prepared from a different type of animal hides. They are soft, elegant, and plump. These bags tend to be durable as well. However, they are mostly expensive. However, it is to be noted that often artificial and synthetic leather is used and they are very similar to original leather in appearance. These are cheap and come in several different types, design, and color. They can be found extensively in agricultural and industrial production.

Earlier, artificial leather was made when polyvinyl chloride was coated on the surface of the fabrics, and this gave an inferior look. However, quality has improved considerably ever since. The synthetic leather which has non woven as the base and makes use of polyurethane porous materials as the base surface layer helps in imitating the composition and the structure of natural leather. The performance too is spot on.

More Types: 

So, artificial leather too could be categorized into two types, depending upon the type of raw material used.

  • Polyvinyl chloride artificial leather
  • Polyurethane synthetic leather

Further, if you take a look at the artificial leather series, you will find the following types

  • Artificial leather
  • Suede leather,
  • Artificial lacquer leather,
  • Polyvinyl chloride plasticized film and so on.

Now, if we take a look at synthetic leather series, the synthetic leather which comes with polyurethane foam coating in the surface and bears a striking resemblance to the natural leather is the most common type.

Not only this, as the textile technology has developed, artificial fur to has made massive progress. It looks very similar to natural fur and is priced low and requires less maintenance as well.


It can be used for the sake of trimming material and also for different kind of children products and children bags as well. The performance of the bags and the appearance depends on the type of production methods which are used. These include woven artificial fur, knitted artificial fur, artificial curly fur, etc.

The fiber fabrics are used not just in handbags as fabrics, but they can also be used for lining parts as well. When it comes to fiber fabrics, there are two kinds which are used.

  • Polyvinyl chloride coated fabric and
  • The ordinary structures

Among these, the textiles which come with transparent or even opaque polyvinyl chloride film on the front or the backside come in different types of patterns and colors, and they also have a high waterproof and wear resistance too. These can be used for making sports bags, travel bags, raw bags, and so on.

When it comes to ordinary fabrics, flannel, canvas, Scottish plaid can be used for making bags.

Further, plastic is another common material which is used for luggage. It can be used for hot pressing parts of the bags and is also the critical material for the suitcase too. The color is rich, and the performance is on the mark.

How do Chinese manufacturers work for high-end luxury brands handbag?

China has managed to accumulate a lot of experience and supply chain manifestation as far as being an OEM manufacturer of a high-end luxury brand is concerned. Sourcing Captain made it a point to use these advantages and offer their high-end customers with the complete supply chain system support. This gives the best support for customized production of handbags, and thereby, they can produce some high-quality products.

Before they managed to have cooperation with a Finnish luggage company, they always ordered a massive number of goods from the Chinese firms. Before the contract was signed, the department manager had a terrible interaction and behavior simply because the European customers weren’t trustworthy of us. However, despite the awful behavior, all our employees showed great enthusiasm and gave in their best towards the work. They worked overtime, and we adhered to the best of rules and regulations to develop the most excellent products. Not only this, but we also make it a point to adhere to the deadlines as well.

This ensured that not only did we conquer our customers with our high-quality products, but our speedy delivery meant they were more than happy. This has helped us set up a strong customer base, and our services and products are now renowned all over the world.

How Sourcing Captain helps with your supply chain of handbag manufacturing?

Sourcing captain is a professional foreign trade company. They have grown to become top middlemen with the right supply chain system which has been so done that they can match the schemes and make the proper arrangements as per the needs of the customers at any time.

The company also offers four segmented steps of customer service. It is as follows. First of all, customers should be offered high-quality products. We make it a point to thoroughly inspect the quality assurance system of the manufacturers as we overview the design, the production, and the development process. The products are also strictly inspected to make sure that they adhere to the right standards.

When we are selling the products; we make it a point to ensure that they are graded well. We are aware of the fact that the loss of interest on behalf of the consumers will be linked with us. So, we think from the viewpoint of a customer and serve them as per the target market.

Secondly, we make it a point to keep the enthusiasm level high. This is important to ensure high work efficiency. This also helps us avoid the trouble of mishandled logistics. We have our unique particular workflow to ensure there is no delay. But if there are unwanted delays, we have formulated back up plans to handle them.

Thirdly, we always offer the best of after-sales services. We make it a point to stay in touch with our customers and keep the communication channel intact. We make it a point to stick to the most exceptional after-sales services. Our company’s slogan is to ensure that the interests of our customers are served.

Role of Sourcing Captain: 

Finally, we make it a point never to be complacent. We make good use of our comprehensive ability and learn accordingly. The capital is in good condition, and we do not have any debt or negative profit.  Not only this, our capital operation ability too is strong. Having a skilled system infers that we are capable of handling the risks and problems which may come up. Point to bear the financial risks rather than pushing the customers. We also have import and export rights of several countries and thereby aid in custom clearance.

We make it a point to accept the standard international payment methods. So, it is undoubtedly a win-win situation for our customers. We want to offer the best of services so that we become a name to be reckoned with our international chain.

More and more companies in the international market have started working with us, and we wish we continue to evolve and grow in the times to come.


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