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We work like Captains to solve all the problems in the purchasing field. SOURCING CAPTAIN is your most reliable china sourcing agent.

About Sourcing Captain

Many foreign customers complain about a common problem. Contracts between Made in China and international procurement have been difficult to achieve through traditional channels. Based on the difficulties in the procurement field, the founder of SOURCING CAPTAIN feels that he has the mission to change this situation (Sourcing from China), so how to change it? We evaluate our own capabilities and advantages as a whole: cross-cultural communication ability, more than ten years of experience in China's foreign trade industry, accurate grasp of high-quality purchasing needs of European and American enterprises. These advantages enable us to solve almost all the problems in the procurement field like the captain. We are here to help you with Sourcing from China.  

There are no restrictions on the products and industries we provide services in.
The SOURCING CAPTAIN team provides specific , Product Sourcing according to customers'purchasing needs. We have no restrictions on specific products and products; we have no restrictions on the size of orders.
The order value can be as small as $500 per order and as large as $500,000 per order.
The purchased product can be a batch of customized printed water cups to a 40HQ jewelry.
The mode of transportation can be either a DHL express package or a container.
And according to the clear needs of customers, we can enter a new product industry according to the needs of customers, and establish stable, long-term supply chain channels for customers. You can always reply on us because we are best China Wholesale Suppliers.

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Block 7-5, Shencun Avenue 1st Cross Road,
Foshan City, GD, China 528000

Phone: 86-18923124899
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About Founder

Gary Qiu was born in a village on the border of Guangdong and Guangxi provinces. The village was once one of the poorest villages in the area. In the early days of the founding of the People's Republic, we experienced a great famine. Many people died of hunger (including my great-grandfather). After the death of my great-grandfather, my great-grandmother supported my grandfather by working for the landlord's family. My grandfather and my great-grandfather had died of hunger. Mother worked in the landlord's house because she had a dream since childhood: he hoped that he could own the same house as the landlord's. In order to realize this dream, my grandpa often works for others. Many of his jobs are those that others are unwilling to do. My grandpa has no complaints and never finds fault with others. So he has a great reputation for helping others. Many people in the area turn to him for help. After more than ten years of hard work, he finally bought a house from a neighbor's house in 1938 (on the eve of World War II). From then on, he bought a house from a neighbor's house. When Grandpa arrived, he took my father and aunts into the house they had dreamed of. My father is my grandfather's eldest son (grandfather has two sons). Grandpa hopes that my father can grow up to be a pillar of the family.

He always supports my father to study. When my father was in high school, the Cultural Revolution broke out in China. The whole country was in chaos. Grandpa was rated as a rich peasant because he had a house. Rich peasants need to take care of themselves. My own house was returned to the authorities, so our family had no house since then. My grandfather thought it was a big thing to lose the house. He realized that if he wanted to keep his house, he had to have power. So my grandfather decided to send my father to join the army after he graduated from high school, because the army could train my father’s ability and spirit, and even confuse him. It’s a carp leaping from the dragon gate when it comes to the official and half-time jobs. The second year my father joined the army, unfortunately things happened again. In 1979, there was a war between China and Vietnam. My father’s Guangzhou Military Region participated in the battle. My father was discharged after the war, so my father became a farmer again, and did not realize his grandfather’s dream: let my father carp jump the Dragon gate. My father returned to the village as a farmer and always felt ashamed of his grandfather. He failed to realize his grandfather’s wish to make the family famous. Although the army did not make my father a powerful man, but the experience of the army made my father develop a spirit of absolute obedience, obedience to orders is the bounden duty of soldiers, at the same time, he was an honest and diligent person, this spirit has always been my father’s basic requirement to teach me, through his participation in the army to achieve class jump has proved to be a failure, my father Dad wanted me to be able to work independently, but in that village, many farmers still put their hopes on the overall situation as my grandfather did. Only by becoming a civil servant can they realize their ideal of life, or become a teacher or a doctor who is also an example of the local people, because both teachers and doctors are paid by the government and belong to the official staff of the state.My dad wanted me to be a teacher at first, but I had my own ideas. I think to realize my ideal of life, I need to keep up with the trend of the times and become a member of the national economic tide rather than a civil servant in order to pursue stability. Although I have this idea, I know little about the country’s economic situation (the new local situation). The lack of channels to understand the outside world does not make me lose confidence in challenging myself. Before I have a clear understanding of the trend, what I should do is to study hard. My study from primary school to senior high school is among the best, and I have a special interest in English, because I hope that through this foreign language I can get in touch with more foreign countries Information. Later, I was admitted to a very good university in China: Central South University (then the top ten universities in China). After I entered the university, I studied harder and listened to the radio every day, mainly VOICE OF AMERICA and BBC. When I studied, I could chat with our foreign teachers and learn a lot about the United States and the world. At the same time, I also knew that China was carrying out reform and opening up. Made in China had become a major trend at that time, and learned about the international information. As well as the development of domestic economic situation, I am more clear about my career direction. It is my first dream to work in the foreign trade industry or related work.After graduation, instead of seeking jobs in the university or returning to their hometown like most of the students, a man with great ambition traveled by train to Dongguan, which is the core city of China. There are many Hong Kong-funded and Taiwanese-funded enterprises here. They all have strong business connections with the international community, but in the process of job-hunting, Dongguan is the core city of China. I find that things are not as simple as I thought. When recruiting foreign trade salesmen, Hong Kong and Taiwan-funded enterprises require more than one year’s work experience, while I am only a college graduate, without any experience, there is no opportunity. From confidence at the beginning to frustration at the end to disappointment, there is not much entanglement, almost hungry. But because I was an excellent student in school and an excellent child in the eyes of my parents, I couldn’t tell my family when I had no food. At that time, I contacted a classmate with a try mentality. The classmate was not in Dongguan, but it was not far away. The name of the city was Foshan. I looked at Foshan and Dongdong on the map. Guan is less than 100 kilometers away, all in the Pearl River Delta region. My classmates would like to take me in and I immediately took a bus to Foshan (a strange city), after arriving in Foshan, I began to slowly understand the city and hope to see if there is a chance to engage in foreign trade work here. Foshan is also an industrial city. It has many international buyers’products. There are world-famous ceramics, furniture, clothing and other industries. Moreover, the entrepreneurs here are local people or other provinces and cities, not Taiwanese or Hong Kong. They are also more humane when they recruit. Most of their attitudes are as follows: as long as you are down-to-earth and willing to do it. We’ll give you a chance. It won’t matter. We can start from scratch. This warm attitude and cold Dongguan require more than a year’s work experience, let me immediately feel that there is a sense of their own people, a sense of home. Soon I got a job in a ceramics company and accepted a job as a foreign trade salesman.During a business trip with his boss, I heard that he had also bought a state-owned enterprise which was on the verge of bankruptcy. This enterprise was once a well-known company with core patented technology. Their product was called environmental laundry ball, which was used to replace laundry detergent (there was no laundry liquid at that time). A laundry ball could be used for a month. I am immediately interested in strange products, but the boss said that because of the cross-industry relationship, the operation of the factory is difficult at present, I do not know if it can last for two years, I heard here with the boss said: Boss, can you take me to see this factory? In this way, I followed my boss to see the factory’s environment, not to see if I didn’t know it was frightened. Although the original factory had core patented technology, but the production equipment was very old and backward. But I am still interested in deeply understanding the products with technical advantages, and the unique performance of the products is also unique, so I am more confident. After some investigation, I took the initiative to ask my boss: Let me try the overseas sales and promotion of this product, the boss readily agreed, from now on, I soaked in the workshop to understand the production process and product characteristics every day. Especially the direct communication with the workers makes me understand the difficulties and advantages in the production process more deeply.This product was photographed and released to Alibaba Platform (which used to be a platform for selling ceramics). The effect was surprisingly good. Many customers sent me inquiries, and I also received several trial orders within a month. So my laundry ball business went on steadily. A month later, my boss decided to let me be the export manager of this factory and gave the platform support.In this process, I met a French customer, the CEO of the company is JEAN-RICHARD TIRLO. He placed many orders for laundry balls for me, because their company operates AS SEEN ON TV shopping products. Our laundry balls are in line with the customer’s positioning. One of them is because of the cold weather in winter, the shells of a batch of goods are not completely sealed, and the customer receives them. When the goods arrived, I said that the goods could not be sold. It was reselled to another

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Gary Qiu

Founder & Captain

Emily Cen

Sourcing Manager

Carol Leung

Senior Sourcing Specialist

Lucy Wen

Sourcing Specialist

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