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Import From China?

No Matter Your Goal is to source a regular product or develop a new item. Contact SOURCING CAPTAIN, We Can Really Help.



Sourcing Captain Head office is located in Guangzhou called Guangzhou Mika Goods Co., Ltd

Sourcing Captain Acting office is located in Foshan called Foshan Dilue Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd

As the leading Sourcing Agent for Industrial Product, Project-based Sourcing & New Product Development, we are not working as many other Agents in China.

Sourcing Captain working mode is a team working being led by Captain with Flexibility and Professionalism to make sure our experience is taking care all our customers.

Mainly Focus on North America, Europe and Oceania High-End Market.

The main service to customers is project-based sourcing needs, industrial product sourcing & new product development.

Sourcing Captain is keeping a low commission rate but with professional performance in the sourcing field especially long term business partnerships with customers.

Free Sourcing Consultant

You Care About Sourcing Products from China?
Every company has their own special needs. To give your company a tailored solution, SOURCING CAPTAIN division of experts will analyze your requirement and evaluate, then confirm requirement, what are your needs based on relevant criteria for your business. Only then, with a solid base, we will move forward to the next step.

Free Product Sourcing

You want some Product Sourcing from China as Trial ?
Once our evaluation is completed, we will start searching for the specific sourcing products you are interested in. We will let you know the details about the product origin, the manufacturing process and how many of these sourcing products are available in China.

Free Supplier Sourcing

Need to Know Some Specific Factories to Establish Potential Supply Channels from China?
With the second step successfully completed, we will start establishing contact with the factories that are up to your project expectations and needs. We will inform them about the general aspects of the order and what are your products you will be sourcing from China.

Free Project Quote

When we get in touch with the factories in china, we will start negotiations. We will communicate with them about the specific requirements of the order (like quantity, color, size, and other important specifications) and wait for their responses about their availability to supply you with the desired amount of products and evaluate how competitive their prices are.

Free Inspection Service

SOURCING CAPTAIN ensures that the quality of Products that are to be imported Meets the Customer's Requirements. 100% Inspection is a Must.
Even though we inspect the products when they are being manufactured to ensure no step in the production process has a setback, we will do a 100% inspection of the order before delivering it to you. This final assessment will guarantee you receive an order you will be satisfied with.

Free Warehousing

If you need to purchase various products from different suppliers and collect them for uniform delivery, SOURCING CAPTAIN can provide a free warehouse to store the goods until delivery. Similarly, if you want to purchase different batches of products within a period of time and gather them for uniform delivery, our free warehousing service is still applicable for sourcing .

Free Shipment Coordination

If You Order Through SOURCING CAPTAIN and Need to Arrange International Logistics Then We Can Provide Free Coordination and Arrange Delivery Operations.

Free Supply Chain Management

If Customers have long-term Purchasing and Sourcing needs in some Product Areas, SOURCING CAPTAIN will Form and Achieve Supply Chain Stability.
From NOW Establishing and managing your exclusive supply chain from china is no longer difficult.

Free Samples

Once the factories that fully meet your high standards have been selected and the negotiations are successfully settled, we will make a sourcing sample request. Placing a test order will allow you to check the quality of the products you will receive.

Free Order Track & Update

All Orders Purchased and Sourced Through SOURCING CAPTAIN will be systematically managed by our Procurement Commissioner and regularly updated to customers.

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