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We work like Captains to solve all the problems in the purchasing field. SOURCING CAPTAIN is your most reliable China product sourcing agent.


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Unlock the power of Asia sourcing with Sourcing Captain! Your go-to partner for top-quality products at competitive prices. Let’s bring your product vision to life.

With a proven track record as a Sourcing Captain specializing in Die casting, Injection items, Powder smelting techniques and the CNC industry, We are confident in our ability to meet and exceed your sourcing requirements.

Having successfully sourced products from the top 1% makers in the industry is what we do for you, We have developed strong relationships with suppliers and manufacturers in Asia with 17 years of experience. Our expertise in negotiating favourable terms, ensuring quality control, and optimizing the supply chain process will add significant value to your supply chain.

We are eager to bring our passion for sourcing excellence and commitment to delivering outstanding results to your organization.

As the best China sourcing agent, Sourcing Captain can build your exclusive supply chain and manage this channel for Regular Products Purchasing, Project-Based Multi Products Supply and Niche Market New Product Development.


Many foreign customers complain about a common problem. Contracts between Made in China and international procurement have been difficult to achieve through traditional channels. Based on the difficulties in the procurement field, the founder of Sourcing Captain feels that he has the mission to change this situation (Sourcing Products from China Difficulty), so how to change it? We evaluate our own capabilities and advantages as a whole: cross-cultural communication ability, more than ten years of experience in China’s foreign trade industry, accurate grasp of high-quality purchasing needs of European and American enterprises. Also, this can be a China product sourcing agent, These advantages enable us to solve almost all the problems in the procurement field like the captain. We are here to help you with Sourcing from China.

There are no restrictions on the products and industries we provide services in.
The SOURCING CAPTAIN team provides specific, China Product Sourcing according to customers purchasing needs. We have no restrictions on specific products and products; we have no restrictions on the size of orders.
The order value can be as small as $500 per order and as large as $2000,000 per order.
The purchased product can be a batch of customized printed water cups to 40HQ industrial spare parts.
The mode of transportation can be either a DHL express package or several containers shipment.
And according to the clear needs of customers, not only we can do any industrial product sourcing or project-based sourcing service, but also we can enter a new product industry according to the needs of customers, and establish stable, long-term supply chain channels for customers. You can always rely on us because we are Your most reliable China Sourcing Agent & supply chain builder.


SOURCING CAPTAIN provides customers with a variety of value-added and diversified service portfolios throughout china product sourcing agent experience and supply chain management, including raw material procurement, factory selection, production arrangements in management, quality control, export approval processing, shipment, etc. It helps customers reduce procurement costs, shorten delivery time, and improve product added value.

This is Meekaam VIP Sourcing Services, Called SOURCING CAPTAIN. As a China Sourcing Agent rather than a mere broker, We provide a variety of planning and coordination for China supply chain managers. Our customers focus on product design, research and development or improvement, and then give the development and management of supply to Sourcing Captain.

SOURCING CAPTAIN relies on the complete system and mature technology made in China to identify high-quality factories and complete the production and delivery of orders. in many cases, Sourcing Captain acts as your Virtual Project Management Office in the supply chain management field.

Then customers focus on product sales for marketing, and customers always control the market trend and product development, while the management of the complex China production and manufacturing end is the responsibility of China’s domestic SOURCING CAPTAIN. The division of labor is clear, and the efficiency is high enough.

What is a supply chain and what sourcing captain do for you?

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About Founder

Gary Qiu

Gary Qiu was born in a village on the border of Guangdong and Guangxi provinces. The village was once one of the poorest villages in the area. In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic, we experienced a great famine. Many people died of hunger (including my great-grandfather). After the death of my great-grandfather, my great-grandmother supported my grandfather by working for the landlord’s family. My grandfather and my great-grandfather had died of hunger. Mother worked in the landlord’s house because she had a dream since childhood: he hoped that he could own the same house as the landlord’s. In order to realize this dream, my grandpa often works for others. Many of his jobs are those that others are unwilling to do. My grandpa has no complaints and never finds fault with others. So he has a great reputation for helping others. Many people in the area turn to him for help. After more than ten years of hard work, he finally bought a house from a neighbour’s house in 1938 (on the eve of World War II). From then on, he bought a house from a neighbour’s house. When Grandpa arrived, he took my father and aunts into the house they had dreamed of. My father is my grandfather’s eldest son (grandfather has two sons). Grandpa hopes that my father can grow up to be a pillar of the family. from family tradition, Gary has a big picture of military action and seeking an outcome even in the field of China Product Sourcing Services.



More than 17 years foreign trade business experience and china sourcing service provider

Involved in different china industry products as like promotional gift,tabletop game dice, compostable pla cutlery, electric equipment, plastic injection products, alloy casting products, fitness equipment, machinery parts, toys, packaging, raw material etc

Graduation from University.

2006 August

2006 September

Start my foreign trade merchandiser job in Foshan city.

Working for Korean based U.S. company(Welstec) taking charge of the China Product Sourcing and Supply the parts for Ship building Companies as like Samsung Ship building & Hanjin Ship building etc.

2007 to 2009

Hanjin ship building department and Samsung Ship building department are my main service customers at that time for China Parts Product Sourcing

2009 to 2011

Working as the China Sourcing Specialist for French Company called Carexpress Distribution (Lanaform) to supply China Beauty Equipment & New Categories Product Development Sourcing.

Set up my own Business Divisions of Top Imprint & First Legion for Dice and Game Manufacturing.

March 2012 till now


Gary Qiu

Founder & Captain

Emily Cen

Sourcing Manager

Hengfeng Qiu


Lenny Gao

Project Manager

Iris Fan


Zhixia Liang

Purchasing Manager

Jiawen Liang


Haijun Liu

Warehouse Keeper


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