New Product Sourcing Agent from China

POSTED ON July 7, 2021

When sourcing from another country, the biggest challenge is quality control, because it is often difficult to personally inspect factories, production processes, and raw materials and oversee other aspects of quality control. You are often at the mercy of third parties to source your products. If you are looking for a new product sourcing agent from China, you may be even more concerned about quality, because there are so many myths floating around the market.

There is a long-standing view that products manufactured in China are not of the best quality. This misconception is often based on the on-off experiences of people. You ask any professional Chinese sourcing agent and they will tell you they have served hundreds of international clients and all of them are fully satisfied with the quality they received. For anyone planning to source products from China, it is extremely important to look beyond the negative hype and find quality product suppliers in China.In China, there is an increasing focus on producing quality and valuable products, new product development, developing international brands and using modern technology. Chinese brands across product lines have penetrated global markets and are giving stiff competition to established brands. OPPO and Huawei are just two such examples. So, you can put all the doubts to rest and order your products from a Chinese supplier.

Here are some things you can do to make sure that you source only quality products from China.It is essential that you provide your supplier with as much information as possible. The more precise you are with your requirements and the more clearly you communicate them, the better will be the results.

You must tell them about what your business is about and what you want to achieve with the product you want to source. Also, tell them about the target users of your product, and what purpose the product serves for them. Be as descriptive with the product features and material requirements as you can. In case you are looking for new product development or want to customize a generic product, clearly describe that too. Quite often, proper communication is hindered due to the language barrier. This is where having a local sourcing agent by your side can be of huge help. It makes sense to explore what process controls and quality systems they already have in place. For a factory to produce quality products consistently, it need to have an organized factory floor and a proper quality control process in place.

Remember, you get what you pay for a New Product Sourcing Agent from China by working with a reliable China sourcing agent.

While it is good to find the lowest price options, one must bear in mind that the less profit the supplier earns, the less he will invest on quality. Asking for a prototype/sample is an important step in quality control. In case it is a generic product that already exists and there is no customization required, you can easily check the quality just by purchasing a single unit. Apart from factory samples, the supplies can also provide custom-made samples in case of new product development or changes to the existing product. Chinese manufacturers can also provide batch samples so that you can verify the functionality and consistency. You must clearly specify the kind of sample you want. If your first batch meets all the specifications and quality standards, it does mean you can assume that all future batches will be the same. You need to ensure communication and control at each step to make sure you receive consistent quality.

The best way out for anyone who is sourcing from China and is worried about the quality aspect is to engage services of a professional sourcing agent. The local representative will carry out all the activities on your behalf and make sure all the specifications and quality requirements are being followed.

While hiring a Chinese souring agent would also mean additional expense, normally, the benefits far outweigh the expenses. If you are looking for a reliable sourcing agent in China, please get in touch with our team now.