Private Labelling Products from China in a Great Manner

POSTED ON August 26, 2021

Private Labelling Products from China by a contract manufacturer or a third-party manufacturer and sold under another party’s (retailer’s) brand name. The retailer specifies everything about the product like how it looks, what goes in it, how it’s packaged, and then pays for the production and delivery.

In simpler terms, a private label product is manufactured by Company A, with the brand name of Company B. It may so happen that the Company A only provides a product and Company B or any other buyer applies its own brand to it. Private labels products are manufactured using existing tooling. Some common examples of private label products are Bluetooth speakers with printed logo or a stainless-steel pan with engraved logo.

For a buyer, the main benefit of Private Labelling Products from China is that they are able to create a branded product without having to invest time, money and effort in new product development and tooling. The time to market is much less and the cost too is low. However, it must be noted that you cannot make any design changes to a private-label product. You can normally change the colors or materials, but it is essentially a generic product that already exists in the market. If you are looking to make a place for yourself in a competitive marketplace with a unique product, Private Labelling Products from China are not for you.

You may wonder if a Private Labelling Products from China is simply an off-shelf product. The answer is no. Normally, private label products are mass manufactured only when the manufacturer receives an order.

Ideally, private labelling should involve the following steps:

  • The supplier has a website or catalogue listing all their products and the buyer browses through them and choose the product they wish to order
  • The buyer just sends the logo file to the manufacturer and the manufacturer starts production based on the pre-decided product specifications and quality standards. There is nothing else the buyer has to do. They receive the products they can sell under their own brand name.

However, this is not exactly how it works all the time. Most of the times, when you are sourcing from China, you won’t really find true private labels products. The products are usually OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer products. This is how it actually works:

  • The buyer provides the supplier with all the design drawings, specifications, material requirements, quality standards, reference samples and logo design
  • The manufacturer then makes a sample for review. Once the sample is approved, they source materials and parts from third parties and start mass production.

While this is not technically private labelling, but this is how things mostly work when a buyer needs a product to sell under his own brand name without going through the hassle of design and production.

China is known as the factory of the world for a reason (in fact, for a lot of reasons). So, when anyone thinks of sourcing private label products from another country, China is usually the first name that comes up.

China is the second largest economy in the world and boasts of the most advanced export-import infrastructure in the entire Asia. Its biggest asset is its billion strong workforce and decades of experience in manufacturing products across all categories.

China has a huge supplier base so its easier to find a supplier for just about any product under the sun. Whether it’s a low-cost toy to a high-tech computing device, you will find a supplier for it in China. There are established supply chains and much shorter lead times than you would imagine. Moreover, finding suppliers for a product in China is much simpler than in any other country. Other than the popular online platforms such as Alibaba, there are many professional sourcing companies that can help you with not just finding the right supplier for your needs, but can also do supply chain management and project management for you.

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