Profitable Products Sourcing to Import from China into USA

POSTED ON April 9, 2021

China is one of the largest economies in the world. Profitable Products Sourcing to import from china to USA, This country produces everything: from toothbrushes to luxurious vehicles, it seems that this country offers the perfect opportunity for the entrepreneurs to start a new and lucrative business. Just in 2017, the United States purchased $505.6 billion in Chinese goods. But before starting your next enterprise, formulate the following question: what to import from China to the USA? Do you know which are the product categories that are in higher demand? You will find out now. Today, we are going to present you the ten most profitable products, based on the reports from the US Census Bureau, to import from China into the United States. In 2017, the USA imported electrical machinery for a value of $147 billion. The best goods you can purchase from China in this category are telephone sets, especially if they are wireless. Safety is a crucial element in every company in the United States, which is the reason why apparatus for the reception of images and voice are a good source of income. Optical fibre cables are in high demand as well.

Where can you find China wholesale suppliers for these specific products? Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shandong are the three provinces that make up around half of the exportations in these goods. Be detailed with the technical specifications the goods need to meet in order to pass the quality standards of the United States. This set of goods had an investment of $31.92 billion in 2017. Seats, specifically, were the most demanded item, with a worth of $10.13 billion. China, in 2016, produced 39% of the entire world’s furniture. It is, as well, the biggest exporter. It has developed a special process of large-scale manufacture. You can even find handcrafted furniture that looks like a whole piece: they look like they didn’t use nails, screws or glue to assemble the pieces together.

For Profitable Products Sourcing, you can visit the Shunde Furniture Mall, in Foshan. You can also visit fairs such as Globalsources Gift & Home, in Hong Kong; Canton Fair, in Guangzhou; and HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair, in Hong Kong as well. You can also count with a local sourcing agent to minimize costs.Many entrepreneurs wonder what to import from China for business. Well, the fourth most profitable product to import from China into the USA is bedding goods. Just in bedding articles, the USA invested $2.93 billion in 2017. You can import bedding sets, cushions, pillows, and pillowcases made of cotton or synthetic fabrics.

China is the biggest cotton producer country in the world, with 33.0 million bales produced just in 2015. They also process cotton themselves, which is why you can find really competitive prices in bedding articles in this country. You can purchase a great variety of quilts, eiderdowns, comforters and other similar items in China, in a wide range of designs. Where? The Yiwu market, in Zhejiang, has over 150,000 Chinese wholesale suppliers.In the category of toys and games, the United states imported $21.52 billion of these goods. As you see, this is a category in high demand. There is a huge range of toys you can purchase from a Chinese wholesaler, like wheeled toys, reduced-scale models, dolls, puzzles, doll’s carriages. These type of toys were worth $12.24 billion in 2017. Everything related to the video game industry was worth $5.79 billion. From this category, the consoles and video game machines had a value of $4.5 billion.

You can find a supplier of this good in the Chenghai District, in the city of Shantou. This is the major manufacturer of toys in China. You can also assist to the popular fairs this country holds, like the Chenghai Toy Fair, the Canton Fair, and the Mega Show, in Hong Kong.

But the toys industry is not a child’s games. The United States has very strict regulations when it comes to articles that target kids as users. You will need a sourcing service to be able to import toys into the United States. A China sourcing agent will be very helpful for you in this category because it will save you the hustle to find the fabrics that meet the requirements to enter the United States market. Keep in mind your goods will be tested and will have to pass the official inspection of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Sports equipment were worth $4 billion in 2017. China exported accessories related to gyms, inflatable balls, boards, golf sets, and more. We suggest you try to find a wholesaler that specializes in a certain sports equipment because, depending on the classification of the article you are trying to import into the USA, it will have to pass a specific set of regulations. For example, machines that rely on electricity to work must comply with the electrical safety regulations of the USA.

To find wholesalers dedicated to the manufacturing of these products, we recommend you to attend the Chinese fairs. There is the IWF, the China Sport Show, and the FIBO CHINA in Shanghai. There is also the CIHIE, in Beijing. If you need help to ensure your product sourcing process will be satisfactory, don’t doubt to hire the services of a Chinese sourcing agent. It will not only help you find the fabrics that had already manufactured orders complying with all the United States requirements, but it will make the shipping process an easier one. China is the biggest producer of plastic in the world. Since 2013, the amount of plastic this country has exported to the USA has steadily increased year by year. In 2017, USA imported plastics valued in $16.33 billion.

There are so many plastic goods we use in our daily life you must be wondering what to import from China to the USA. Articles for the conveyance of other goods or for packaging are a good option since they were worth $2.53 billion in 2017. But there is a more profitable item. The United States depends almost exclusively on China to import plastic disposable gloves. 97% of this goods come from China and are worth $517 million. In 2017, they faced no duty. You can find manufacturers in Jiangsu province, Nantong city. China is the biggest shoe manufacturer in the world. It produces 12.6 billion pairs per year. India, the country that occupies the second spot, produces only 2.1 billion pairs per year.

86,7% of footwear that is consumed in the entire world comes from China. If you have any knowledge about construction, you might find a great chance to distribute ankle shoes with metallic toe caps. Or you could find a great deal selling house slippers. Gym shoes, tennis shoes, and basketball shoes are also lucrative since the USA purchased $1.42 billion of these types of footwear in 2017.

When purchasing footwear from a manufacturer, there will be a minimum order quantity, usually from 1,000 to 2,000 pairs of shoes (one model) in different sizes. If you are importing kid’s footwear or protective footwear into the USA, be aware of the standards and make sure you are fulfilling each:

China has popular fairs you can attend to stock yourself with the goods of your preference. One of the most famous is the Canton Fair, in Guangzhou. You can also visit Global Sources in Hong Kong and China International Footwear Fair, in Shanghai. The United States imported $11.49 billion in steel and iron. All the articles made of these materials that were related to structures had a value of $1.17 billion.

A lot of steel and iron mills are SOE (state-owned enterprises), which allow them to reduce their costs of production, therefore, they have more competitive prices than other private companies. You can find these goods in Shanghai and Hebei. The top four Chinese companies that operate in this category are Ansteel Group Corporation, Bohai Steel Group Co. Ltd,  China BaoWu Steel Group, and HBIS Group Co. Ltd.The United States is one of the biggest apparel consumers in the world, and its major supplier is China. In both Apparel not knitted or crocheted and in Knitted or crocheted articles of apparel, the USA invested $27.28 billion. If you are wondering how to import from China and sell on Amazon, you must know exercise clothing is one of the most popular categories on Amazon. Baby clothing is also popular right now. However, apparel importation is going through some changes due to tax regulations. We recommend you get informed about what is going on in this category before importing. The home & decor market is quite competitive. It’s an industry that is always evolving, trying to use new materials, mix new textures, create and follow new trends. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to find Chinese wholesalers but can’t afford to go to China to find them and pick up the articles you want, you can take advantage of the following online retailers: Chinabrands, Alibaba, AliExpress, and Dhgate. For a better business experience, a sourcing agent can solve all your doubts about how to import accessories from China.

Now you know what to import and where to find it About Profitable Products Sourcing. What’s the next step? Sourcing from China. If you don’t have the time, budget and patience to deal with this process, hire a China-based sourcing agent. They already know how the Chinese fabrics operate, what requirements the USA have for specific products, how to ship your order into the USA, can guarantee you a free on-board policy, and have more power of negotiation. If you are ready to import from China into the United States, visit Sourcing Captain.