Secure China Supply Chain Grows Your Business Well

POSTED ON July 7, 2021

China has emerged as the global manufacturing hub. Everywhere you look, you find products that have been sourced from China. From the simplest of soft toys to the most sophisticated electronics, Chinese manufacturers have mastered it all. While most people have a successful sourcing experience in China, there are some that are unable to manage their secure China supply chain well. If you are looking for some information on successfully maintaining a secure China supply chain, this article can be of help. Here are some tips that can help make your experience better: This is the most critical step in maintaining a healthy supply chain in China. When qualifying a supplier, it Is not enough to merely check product samples and quality documents. In order to determine whether or not the supplier can provide consistent quality, you must check the supplier’s export and logistics capabilities, manufacturing process, production facility, quality control system and finances. Also, look at reviews and check out some references to make sure the supplier is truly what they claim to be. After you have shortlisted a supplier or suppliers, you must measure your bargaining power in relation to the supplier. Your bargaining power will be determined by a host of factors including your order value (the bigger the order value, the more bargaining power you have), whether or not it is a repeat order, competition in the market (more suppliers mean more bargaining power in the hands of buyer) and many other factors.When importing from another country, you must constantly keep an eye on quality control. Make sure you are actively involved in quality control at each process. This starts with choosing the right manufacturer that can make the product to the exact specifications and meet the quality standards. At the very beginning, communicate the product specifications clearly to the manufacturer. Ask for product samples, whether it is an existing product, tailored product or they are doing completely new product development for you. Once the production is complete, ask for the quality control report and let the shipment move only when you are satisfied with the quality. When managing a supply chain in another country, the language gap between the parties involved can prove to be a huge hurdle. So, try to look for a supplier that can communicate with you in your language. Many suppliers can communicate well in English. Remember, communication gap can lead to design issues, quality problems and you may end up losing a lot of time and money. Learning more about Chinese culture can also go a long way in helping you maintain a healthy supply chain. For example, being aware of important festivals and holidays can help you plan your orders better. While all buyers are aware that declaring the accurate shipment value is the right thing to do, some importers still declare a wrong value to cut corners. Many importers believe they can easily get away by doing so, but the reality is that one day or the other, they do get caught. In that case, you can face severe repercussions in the form of examination charges and similar costs, fines for under-valuations (even those of previous years) and criminal penalties. It could also mean that the buyer is banned from further importing. When sourcing from China, you get to choose from a variety of payment methods. There is always an assurance that your money is sage and in case the supplier fails to meet his obligation, you can seek your money back. For example, in event of an unreasonable delay or a major discrepancy in quality or quantity, you should be able to recover your money. So, it is essential to research the various payment methods available and the terms and conditions defining the financial transactions. Chinese suppliers accept payments via cards, wire transfers and even online wallets such as PayPal.The simplest thing you can do to manage your supply chain in China is to hire a professional and experienced sourcing agent. A local sourcing agent can take care of everything right from finding the supplier to negotiating a good price, handling quality control and shipping the product to you. They normally have a strong network of suppliers and they can easily find you the right supplier for your needs.

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