Sourcing Agent from China for Your Business

POSTED ON June 18, 2021

Many businesses in the UK, Europe, Canada and US import complete goods from China while others outsource manufacturing of their components and products to Chinese factories. Brands and enterprises from across the globe now trust China for their supply chain. If you too are looking to import goods from China, please keep in mind that working directly with Chinese suppliers is not always easy. You may face several hurdles along the way. These include language barrier, not having local presence, not having local business knowledge and several others. working with sourcing agent from china would be great choice.

It is needless to mention that these factors can adversely affect your business. In order to prevent all these problems, it is best to seek services of an experienced Chinese sourcing agent. However, finding the right China sourcing agent is also crucial to business success. So, here is a guide to finding the best sourcing agent from China according to your business needs.The important criteria to identify a reliable sourcing agent from China is whether or not they have a valid business license. A licensed or registered Chinese sourcing agent would have the legal jurisdiction to work as a sourcing agent in China. You can use their license number to verify their credentials and to find out if they have any pending legal issues.Apart from being licensed, it is also essential for the Chinese sourcing agent to have a lot of experience in the field, especially in the product category you are interested in. Only an experienced sourcing agent can ensure that the entire process proceeds quickly and in a hassle-free manner. They often enable more beneficial negotiations and offer better services.Testimonials from real clients can say a lot about the service quality of a sourcing agent from China. To find the best sourcing agent, you should first seek references from within your own business circle-your colleagues or business associates. You can rely on their experiences to find the most reliable Chinese sourcing agent for your needs. You don’t want to hire a sourcing agent in China, who is only associated with a small set of manufacturers. Ideally, your agent should have a vast network of accredited manufacturers and they should be able to help you choose from several suppliers than just few suppliers. This would mean you stand a better chance of getting a good deal than when you have a very narrow choice. While not many people would consider location of the sourcing agent to be an important factor, but believe is; it can make a huge difference. It is essential that the sourcing agent is located close to where all the action happens-factories, warehouses and industries. This would mean that the sourcing agent can be on the ground and save on travel time and costs.

  • A major red flag is lack of transparency. If the sourcing agent from China is taking too long to communicate, is unable to answer your queries with clarity and keeps delaying things. You must steer clear of him.
  • If your sourcing agent is taking too long to the find you the right manufacturer for your product, it is likely that he is not efficient and probably does not have a good network of suppliers. It is best to work on a timeline and stick to it. If the agent is taking weeks to find you the supplier, its better to bid him adieu.
  • When your agent is acting too pushy, it must raise red flags. If he pushes you too much into choosing a particular supplier or to leave the quality checks to him, you must proceed with caution.

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