Sourcing Agent Service Difference You Need to Know

POSTED ON July 13, 2021

Anyone who sources their products from a foreign country understands how important it is to have someone support you locally. This is particularly important when you are sourcing from a country where you face a language barrier. However, among the most common myths prevalent about sourcing agents, the most common is that they only help you find a supplier. This is far from true. Professional sourcing agents provide a host of services that go much beyond just connecting you with a supplier. this is the Sourcing Agent Service Difference.

The actual scope of services of a sourcing agent difference varies greatly. While some freelance sourcing agents just help you get in touch with a supplier, the professional sourcing companies provide a full suite of services starting from finding a supplier to making sure the products are shipped and reach you in time. So, when you are looking for a Chinese sourcing agent, you should not look for the cheapest one, but the one that can take care of all aspects of sourcing. Here is a list of some of the services that professional sourcing agents such as Sourcing Captain provide: This is the most important job a sourcing agent does for you-finding the right supplier for your needs. An experienced sourcing agent would have a wide network of suppliers and they can easily identify a supplier that can best meet your requirements. They help you find suppliers for even very precise requirements. For example, if you want new product development, they will find a manufacturer who is capable of doing it for you. Right from design and prototyping to production, some manufacturers can do everything for you. You just need a competent sourcing agent difference to connect you to the right supplier. They can find for you the best OEM or ODM manufacturers as required. Negotiating prices with a supplier sitting in a foreign country and speaking an entirely different language is not an easy feat. It is even more difficult for those who are sourcing from China for the first time because they are unaware of how the industry operates. They negotiate prices based on the limits set by the buyer. Due to their established relationship with the supplier and their knowledge of the local market, the sourcing agent is able to negotiate better prices compared to what the buyer can do directly. This is one of the most important services a sourcing agent can provide. Quality is the biggest concern when one is sourcing products from another country. Even if you have approved samples, things can go wrong and the product you receive may not meet your quality standards unless quality inspection is performed at the right time. Timely quality inspection makes sure that the products do not leave the factory premises until they meet the specifications set by the buyer. They take care of quality control, testing and compliance. Sourcing agents are experts in the industries they operate in. Whether you are looking for new product development or want to get existing products customized, the sourcing agents can guide you all the way through. The one-on-one consultations can answer all the questions you may have about the entire sourcing process. A good sourcing agent can help you maintain a healthy supply chain in China. They work to optimize their client’s China sourcing approach and ensure that they get the best prices always. They can collaborate with the suppliers to establish standard operating procedures for future production runs to achieve high efficiency.

If you are looking for a sourcing agent in China who can provide full range of services, please get in touch with us. We have years of experience helping international clients manage their China supply chains successfully. Get in touch with our team and share your requirements. Our one-to-one professional consultations can help you start off on the right foot.