Top Reasons Why Sourcing From China Is Your Best Option

POSTED ON June 20, 2021

Businesses around the world now look up to China for sourcing products. Several reasons contribute to the popularity of China as a global sourcing destination. These include low cost that can increase your profit margins, lower labour costs and efficient manufacturing facilities. However, despite all the benefits of sourcing from China, some people are still sceptical thanks to the many myths floating around in the market. So, this article aims to bust all the myths and highlight all the amazing benefits businesses can gain by sourcing from China. China is a country where you will find a supplier for almost every product under the sun. Their expansive supplier base is the top reason that makes it the hub for global sourcing. From apparel to electronics and automobiles, you will find a supplier for any product that you can think of.

There are industrial clusters in China with a large number of manufacturing units located within a geographical area. For example, Foshan has formed an industrial development complex composed of ten key industries, including equipment manufacturing, household appliances, ceramic materials, electronic and information technology, metallic products and metal processing. So, you can easily find a supplier for your needs within a limited geographical area. All services including raw materials, transport, packaging, quality control and others can be met within the geographical area. In China, most manufacturing facilities operate on large economies of scale, because they cater to both domestic and international markets. Due to large-scale production, they can keep their costs low. This is the reason why Chinese products are relatively cheaper. Chinese prices are unbeatable in most product categories. You will rarely find lower prices elsewhere in the world.

Another important factor that makes China a global sourcing destination is its ability to scale up quickly. You may order a few hundred pieces of a product initially, but as your requirements increase the suppliers can quickly scale up manufacturing depending on the availability of raw materials and other essentials. This is possible due to their experience and extensive knowledge of global supply chain management. Talking of global sourcing, people often ask why it is cheaper to import goods from China. The simple answer is low labour costs. When it comes to manufacturing costs, one of the major contributing factors is the labour cost.

Being the most populous country in the world, China has a large pool of skilled and unskilled labour. The factories can produce best quality products with minimal labour costs. When you have to manufacture new product, you don’t need to set up a manufacturing unit and find and hire labor. All you need to do is find a Chinese sourcing agent who can find the right supplier for you. There is a common myth around the world that China is not known for producing the best quality products. It is what it is-a myth. You can easily find manufacturers that can supply top-quality products meeting the highest standards of quality. It’s all about choosing the right manufacturer. This is where the role of a China sourcing agent becomes crucial. They can help find a supplier with years of experience and expertise in the industry, and they have their supply chain in place to acquire good quality raw materials and equipment to manufacture high-quality products.

Depending on your requirement some suppliers may be willing to even purchase new equipment and hire people to ensure the product meets your requirements, specifications and quality standards. You can also hire a third-party quality inspection team to ensure that the product conforms to the quality standards and specifications. It is extremely easy to source any product from China. Even if its your first time importing, you can easily navigate the sourcing process. To make things even easier for you, there are sourcing agents who can take care of everything right from finding the supplier for you, getting the quotes, sending you the samples, quality checks and shipping the product to you. You just need to pay a flat fee or a small commission on your order value.

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